Nothing Worse than a Broken Heart don’t think there is a worse pain than a broken heart.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the loss of a cherished relationship, a broken heart can debilitate even the strongest man or woman.

It consumes thoughts and disrupts sleep. It can make simple tasks, like attending classes, working, and eating, unbearably hard.

Even when the broken-hearted manages to laugh, the immense twinge of loss never fades.

Broken hearts are especially evil because the only cure — the return of the one responsible for the pain — is always out of reach, making it the worst kind of agony.

It’s a pain I’ve known all too well and wish never to know again. It’s a pain I’ve undoubtedly inflicted on others—and for that, I’m sorry. It’s a pain I wouldn’t even wish upon an enemy.

But if it means anything at all, time does help.


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