Fallen: The New Twilight

If you are a die-hard “Twilight” groupie, then Lauren Kate’s “Fallen” saga is a must-read. In fact, there are several parallels between the two series: Girl meets superhuman boy. Girl and boy fall madly, deeply, and irrevocably in love. Girl and boy are separated and subsequently miserable. Girl and boy reunite and sparks fly, but not without a looming, mystical danger threatening to permanently separate the pair.

I abhor when too much about a book is revealed, so I’ll do my best to adhere to the “less is more” mantra. Here is a rundown of some of the “Fallen” saga’s highlights and downfalls, as compared to the “Twilight” one, without ruining the series for you.

Highlights: Lucinda Price and Daniel Grigori are slightly friskier than Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Daniel is just as chiseled and gorgeous as Edward, only Daniel isn’t dead, cold, pale, or blood-thirsty. “Fallen’s” plot mirrors “Twilight’s.”

Downfalls: The author is addicted to unnecessarily abusing alliteration to the point of absolute annoyance (yes, just like that). Then again, Stephanie Meyer’s books are riddled with spelling errors. Bella is funnier and spunkier than Lucinda. Lucinda is so hardheaded and heartless sometimes I long to reach inside the pages of my book, lace my fingers around her neck, and choke her (well, I suppose her stupidity toys with my emotions, which is a plus). “Fallen’s” plot mirrors “Twilight’s.”

What are you waiting for, Twihards? Read the “Fallen” saga, then tell me if you enjoyed it as much as I did. The saga begins with “Fallen,” then comes “Torment,” and finally “Passion.” The last book, “Rapture,” is not yet out but is expected to release sometime next year. Can’t wait.


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