Caboodles: A Woman’s Toolbox

I don’t typically blog about my purchases, but I think this one is worth sharing. Well, with women. I bought my first Caboodles cosmetics case (a woman’s version of a man’s toolbox) yesterday at Target for $27.39 (plus tax), and now I don’t know how I ever lived without one. I realize that sounds so cliché, but this case is seriously the most convenient makeup storage organizer I have ever owned, which means no more makeup sprawled across my bathroom sink or bedroom floor, which also makes for a happy boyfriend.

Caboodles sells oodles of makeup/beauty supplies cases. Mine is called Stylist and comes equipped with a handle and two latches on the outside, both of which can be locked with a key, presumably for traveling purposes or to deter a klepto sibling/child from meddling with your goodies. Inside are six 4.5 by 5.5 inch trays that draw apart (like wings) to reveal a lower, larger storage compartment, in addition to 10 tiny straps attached to the sides, perfect for eyeshadow brushes or eyeliner pencils.

But my favorite aspect of my new makeup chest is that it is adorned with ornate black lace, which makes me want to display it in my room as if it were a decorative piece. It’s beautiful.

Dimensions: length: 11.25 inches; width: 6.5 inches; height: 8.5 inches

Browse the Caboodles website here. Enjoy, ladies.


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