Pumpkin Craft for Little Ones

Here’s a perfectly adorable yet incredibly inexpensive and easy Halloween craft for kiddies too young to, say, carve a pumpkin or bake a pumpkin pie. And the best part is that you already (well, you should) have all of the supplies needed for this craft in your home.

To begin, you’ll need: a pair of scissors, two sheets of paper (preferably computer paper), a rubber band (the slimmer, the better), an orange and a green crayon (though you can certainly use more hues for a more detailed effect), and last but not least, a Sharpie (or any permanent marker with a fine tip will suffice, really).

Step One: Crumple one of the two sheets of papers into a ball.

Step Two: Draw a circle (with a diameter of about 5 inches; I measured mine just for you) with your orange crayon and color it in (if your child is too young to draw a recognizable circle, you can do that part, then have him or her color it in). You can also use a brown or a slightly darker orange crayon for a more detailed look.

Step Three: Using your green crayon now, draw a larger circle around the orange circle, and then, still using your green crayon of course, color in the distance between the orange circle and the green one. Once colored in, the green ring, which will end up being your pumpkin’s stem, should be at least two inches wide (you can always snip some length off later). The finished product should resemble a Pre-K version of the insides–I’m thinking the mantle and core?–of our earth, which you can of course turn into a mini-science lesson! Or not. Up to you.

Step Four: Mold your colored paper around the crumpled ball from Step One, then with your scissors trim off the excess paper (again, if your child is too young for this step, you can help).

Step Five: Wrap the rubber band around the green stem.

Step Six: Give your pumpkin a face with a permanent marker, and (wah-lah!) you’ve got yourself a miniature, paper-made jack-o-lantern. Don’t forget to name the little guy. Then, fawn. And of course, craft some more!

Easy and fun, right? And the little ones will love it (I know because I’ve made dozens with children, between ages three and nine, at the Kids Club).


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